Conferences in education

Upcoming Conferences in education 2023

Date Name Venue
1st June 48th KUALA LUMPUR International Conference on “Social Sciences, Humanities & Management” Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
2nd June 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education United Kingdom, Cambridge
2nd June 3rd Global Conference on Children and Youth United Kingdom, Cambridge
5th June IISES International Academic Conference London United Kingdom, London
5th June Applied Research International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education, 2023 Cambridge, U.K United Kingdom, Cambridge
7th June Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023 United Kingdom, London
8th June 2023 Summer Global Women's Leadership Symposium United States, Los Angeles
9th June 2023 The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications Indonesia, Bali
9th June 2023 the 6th International Conference on Education Research and Policy China, Beijing
9th June ACM--2023 The 9th International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies Indonesia, Bali
9th June ACM--2023 9th International Conference on e-Society, e-Learning and e-Technologies United Kingdom, Portsmouth
9th June 2023 the 8th International Conference on Distance Education and Learning China, Beijing
9th June 6th World Conference on Research in Education France, Nice
10th June 7th Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching and Technology 2023 Canada, Toronto
14th June 3rd Edition of Chemistry World Conference italy, anzio
14th June Eighth International Conference on Tourism and Leisure Studies - Tourism and Leisure Studies Research Network and the University of Granada, Granada, Spain Spain, Granada
15th June 2023 5th Asia Symposium on Image Processing China, Tianjin
16th June 7th Edition of International Conference on Neurology and Neurological Disorders (Hybrid Event) Italy, Rome
16th June 2nd International Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Conference ​ Dementia 2023 (Hybrid Event) italy, anzio
16th June 2023 The 11th International Conference on Information Technology and Science Singapore, Singapore
16th June 2023 The 9th International Conference on Data Processing and Applications Singapore, Singapore
16th June 2023 The 2nd International Conference on Computer Application Technology China, Shenzhen
16th June 7th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education Austria, Vienna
16th June The 2nd Paris Conference on Education France, Paris
17th June 2023 7th International Conference on High Performance Compilation, Computing and Communications China, Jinan
19th June SOCIOINT 2023- 10th International Conference on Education And Education of Social Sciences Turkey, Istanbul
22nd June 2023 EdTec – International Conference on Education & Learning Technology, 22-23 June, Prague Czech Republic, Prague
22nd June Networking and Beyond for Innovation in Education Turkey, Istanbul
22nd June Computing Conference 2023 United Kingdom, London
23rd June 2023 The 7th International Conference on Graphics and Signal Processing Japan, Fujisawa
23rd June 2023 3rd International Workshop on Image Processing China, Haikou
23rd June 6th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education Netherlands, Amsterdam
24th June Osaka June 2023 International Conference on “Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic & Applied Sciences” Japan, Osaka
24th June International Conference on Computers Software Engineering, Information Technology & Applied Sciences Spain, Barcelona
24th June END 2023 - International Conference on Education and New Developments 2023 Portugal, Lisbon
29th June The Future of Education Italy, Florence
30th June 2023 4th International Conference on Teaching and Education Management Germany, Berlin
30th June Information, Medium and Society: Twenty-first International Conference on Publishing Studies - A BLENDED CONFERENCE France, Paris
30th June 2023 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology Germany, Berlin
1st July ANICE EDU CMU 2023: Educational Innovation for Sustainability in the Age of Disruption Thailand, Chiang Mai
1st July World Social Science Congress-2023 Romania, Bucharest
1st July Annual Batumi International Multidisciplinary Conference on Economics, Business, Technology and Social Sciences - 2023 Georgia, Batumi
2nd July Abdominal Imaging Update on Kauai United States, Koloa
3rd July 7th Annual International Symposium on ?Higher Education in a Global World?, 3-6 July 2023, Athens, Greece Greece, Athens
3rd July 2023 EdTec ? International Conference on Education & Learning Technology, 03-04 July, Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok
3rd July EDULEARN23 (15th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies) Spain, Palma
4th July 2023 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education Hong Kong, Hong Kong
4th July 42nd ATHENS-GREECE International Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences AICHSS-23 Greece, Athens
5th July International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning in Bratislava, Slovakia 2023 Slovakia, Bratislava
5th July 44th Annual Conference of the International School Psychology Association Italy, Bologna